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Why YOU Should Attend Our Upcoming Event

You won’t forget our Leverage Conference!

The Leverage Conference is being organized by us at Crypto Rebel to fill in the crypto events industry gap. We want Crypto enthusiasts to become better traders and investors.

Greater Accessibility

Gain valuable knowledge from some of the industry’s best thought leaders, traders, and companies from the safety of your personal space during this turbulent time. View our event directly from your Tablet, phone, or PC, from anywhere you want, and network with people from all around the world who have similar goals of becoming better traders.


By attending our online event, you save on costs of attendance like accommodation fees, food costs, transportation fees, and more. Act QUICK! And you’ll get to take advantage of free access to the event until November 11!

Network & Alternative-Learning

Being stuck at home or working remotely as we go through the second wave of lock-downs can be a very isolating experience. Networking in the Leverage Conference Can give you access to a new community of people to explore different strategies, tools, and methods, as well as share your new learning experiences with.

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Crypto Rebel is an innovative media and immersive event company led by a group of industry veterans.

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