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Top 4 Biggest Problems with Cryptocurrency Newsletters

Cryptocurrency newsletters are a straightforward way to connect with people. Even with a simple and plain structure, a good newsletter can be a powerful way of drawing its readers in.

There are many potential mistakes that newsletters make, and we’ve laid some of them below. Here are four mistakes that a lot of writers make when putting together Cryptocurrency newsletters.

You aren’t telling great stories in your newsletters. Many newsletters focus too much on structure, and as a consequence, their stories are poor. Stories are the best way to write great newsletters.

boring stories, areas of the industry that quite frankly very few people are interested in… *cough* DLT supply-chain use cases, Bitcoin ATMs, merchant store adoption *cough*

Crypto rebel strikes a balance between entertaining sourcing content that readers love and informative reports on relevant industry sectors.

A newsletter is more than just the voice, but it sure does count a lot. A written text indeed has a hard time conveying the writer’s feelings and emotions; regardless, every writer must have his voice to feel authentic in their newsletter.

The Cryptocurrency industry and its relevant stories are diverse. The Crypto Rebel newsletter is the only one that combines all relevant topics ranging from Prices, Exchanges, Regulations, Trading, General News, and Data Insights.

Most newsletters continue regardless of whether or not their viewers are new. Everyone receives the same information simultaneously, and even though its standard, it isn’t the best way to do it.

Our newsletters at Crypto Rebel are all available for readers to go through from the first one to the most recent one. Crypto enthusiasts and people learning can learn and catch up from the very beginning.

Check our weekly newsletter here:

Crypto Rebel is an innovative media and immersive event company led by a group of industry veterans.

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