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Is Your Company Ready for Virtual Events?

Networking can be better.. And that’s not to say that virtual events will completely replace physical ones. We don’t think so, but they’re just different, and potentially, better.

In 2021 convenience is king, and our technology has put the concept right at our fingertips; and consequently, we are spending a lot of time on our screens, so it’s nice (even special) to look someone else in the eyes when you say hello.

Networking virtually can be better than in person, and let’s be honest; we don’t want to meet everyone. Virtual events give attendees the convenience of filtering people they want to meet or don’t like to meet and introduce them to people worldwide. Conversations can be one-to-one or in a group of people without the distractions of a usual event such as a loud crowd.

By chatting it up with representatives on a virtual platform, we can learn a lot about what they do and what is possible without being pressured to cave in and give a response. Take your time and browse what you want.

The workforce is going global. Companies are forming teams where employees may easily span across two or more timezones, and events must accommodate that as much as possible.

Virtual events have emerged as a solution to solve geographical distance, time zones, and conflicting schedules. Ditch the travel planning, the amount of time that it takes from to get to and leave the airport, and the costs that it racks up. Long gone are the days of “dead time” where important emails pile up.

Virtual event solutions have emerged to solve the problem of different time zones and varying schedules.

As exciting as travel is for employees, the time it takes to plan, fly (often internationally), and drive to the hotel can amount to excessive “dead” time where emails pile up. Calls get pushed — not to mention the time blocked off on the calendar for the conference itself.

Physical events do not cater to individuals who may have wanted to attend but may not have made it for different circumstances. Once the event is done, it is done.

Virtual events’ nature means that its contents will be available on the internet, and attendees who could not have been there for the live experience can go back through the video. Maybe they want to revisit a specific part of the event to share with their company.

Virtual events have specific metrics that can be tracked, and the extent and potential of data collected on virtual events far exceed that of physical ones. They are master data-miners.

Data collected can include:

  • What type of content is being viewed
  • Which speakers are receiving the most engagement
  • Which attendees are receiving the most engagement
  • What resources they are downloading

Your company can access all this data and adapt its strategy based on all this information that they now have access to.

It’s simple, if you want big data, then go virtual.

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Crypto Rebel is an innovative media and immersive event company led by a group of industry veterans.

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