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3 Things You Can Do With Virtual Reality Technology

You have probably heard of virtual reality by now, and if you aren’t a fan that may be because you’re not aware of all the exciting, productive, and innovative uses of it! We cover some of the amazing ways that VR can be utilized. Read on for more details!

This is for everyone who loves to travel and explore. In VR, there is no shortage in the places you can go see, and experience, all from the comfort of your own space. You can partake in virtual tours of cities, college campuses, museums, and go to an interesting tourist attraction. You can revisit places that you have already been to. In VR the world is your oyster.

Virtual reality technology is for more than just fun! It is utilized for work-related activities. Activities ranging from training, virtual conferences, business meetings, and events. At Crypto Rebel, we often hold virtual business meetings between colleagues in VR, where all of our avatars collaborate, present, and work with each other as though we were in the same room.

There are VR applications that help professionals practice and train for a real-life situation. VirtualSpeech is one application that may help individuals with a fear of presenting and public speaking to get their confidence back! We all know someone, if not ourselves, who could have used this when we first started public speaking!

Constant improvements in remotely delivered mental healthcare is critical in our day and age. For mental health, whether that is therapy, or getting over a fear. VR is their enabler. According to the WHO, one in four people around the world are affected by mental or neurological disorders. VR is used by psychologists as a way to deliver mental healthcare to those that need it regardless of their geographic location.

For example, if someone has PTSD then using VR they could be put through exposure therapy. The individual could be exposed to a virtual warzone, authentic enough to trigger a response, but the environment is safe and stimuli can be carefully controlled.

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