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Tye Sheridan stars in a scene from the movie “Ready Player One.” (CNS photo/Warner Bros.)

3 Developments to Expect from VR Technology in the Future

Virtual reality has been around for a while now, and with the pandemic shutting down much of the world, companies and individuals alike have been using the technology to cope with our new reality of uncertainty.

Virtual reality has already transformed certain experiences in the gaming and entertainment industry, and its benefits are stretching to healthcare, retail, education, and beyond.

What are the most exciting changes to come in the future?

One area that is already seeing a major shift because of the pandemic is online shopping. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development over 50% of correspondents surveyed worldwide are now shopping online because of the pandemic.

One major disadvantage of shopping online is that you can’t see the product before buying it. What if you buy something that does not fit? That doesn’t look, right? This could all change by 2050.

High street retailers worldwide are expected to be replaced with VR technology to allow consumers to try on clothes in virtual changing rooms and get advised by AI that learn how to cater to their taste. Online purchases will be dropped off at a location of choice by flying drones.

Virtual reality developers are always looking for new tricks to fool your brain into having a “real” experience. You may know that you’re standing in your room, a cubicle, or even somewhere more elaborate like what The Void offers, but your senses are in a different place.

Many VR headsets implement different innovations to stimulate our senses, but what most of us have access to in the market just does not do. It will take some time before those clunky, and heavy household headsets are replaced with something that works better.

Many existing headsets use controllers to allow its users to “grab” and move different objects around. This is a start, but far from the realistic experience that we have come to expect.

Tech companies are racing to release a controller that gives its user a more realistic experience. Sony had recently released a video showcasing one user using the controllers to stack virtual objects over each other.

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