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With the Leverage Conference starting soon, we recap some great advice that speakers at the event have given!

13 more days left until our greatly received and anticipated virtual Leverage Conference starts! This is an event for traders by traders. We have a great line up of speakers from crypto exchange CEO’s, investors, and big-time professional traders showing up so that you can learn to become a better crypto trader!

f i l ₿ f i l ₿

f i l ₿ f i l ₿ is a trader, analyst, and founder of Decentrader who has amassed a massive following on his Twitter platform where he regularly shares updates. For more detailed information about his trades, you can join his 13.6K …

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Confused by all this talk around the crypto community about tokens, NFTs, and how it connects to virtual reality? Don’t be. In this piece, we break it down as clear and straightforward as possible!

What are NFTs?

If an item or asset can be exchanged with something similar, then we term it as ‘fungible.’ Cryptocurrencies, in general, are all fungible among each other. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and MANA are all fungible because they are interchangeable. NFTs are the opposite.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital representations of unique, indivisible assets that cannot be mutually exchanged and whose value is derived from an exclusive market, platform, domain, individual, etc. …

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Tye Sheridan stars in a scene from the movie “Ready Player One.” (CNS photo/Warner Bros.)

Virtual reality has been around for a while now, and with the pandemic shutting down much of the world, companies and individuals alike have been using the technology to cope with our new reality of uncertainty.

Virtual reality has already transformed certain experiences in the gaming and entertainment industry, and its benefits are stretching to healthcare, retail, education, and beyond.

What are the most exciting changes to come in the future?

The Rise of VR to Substitute Real-Life Experiences

One area that is already seeing a major shift because of the pandemic is online shopping. …

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You won’t forget our Leverage Conference!

The Leverage Conference is being organized by us at Crypto Rebel to fill in the crypto events industry gap. We want Crypto enthusiasts to become better traders and investors.

With our online event, some of the best and most informative discussions will occur during a series of panel discussions and practical skills-based workshops. Unlike physical events in the Leverage Conference, you will engage directly with the speaker and other attendees.

Greater Accessibility

Gain valuable knowledge from some of the industry’s best thought leaders, traders, and companies from the safety of your personal space during this turbulent time. …

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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, VR technology has experienced a notable uptick in users as more companies and individuals begin to utilize the technology than ever before. However, in the last decade, it hasn’t quite taken off, as well as experts initially predicted it would.

At Crypto Rebel, we’ve been using virtual reality tech to host our signature VR + Online Immersive Pitch Showcase events for over eight months now, and while it’s proven to be significantly better at providing a more intimate setting for business than Zoom or other video conferencing platforms, it’s still a long way from being perfect.

Here are three hurdles we’ve discovered while using the tech that we believe are currently holding it back from achieving wider adoption. …

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Networking can be better.. And that’s not to say that virtual events will completely replace physical ones. We don’t think so, but they’re just different, and potentially, better.


In 2021 convenience is king, and our technology has put the concept right at our fingertips; and consequently, we are spending a lot of time on our screens, so it’s nice (even special) to look someone else in the eyes when you say hello.

Networking virtually can be better than in person, and let’s be honest; we don’t want to meet everyone. Virtual events give attendees the convenience of filtering people they want to meet or don’t like to meet and introduce them to people worldwide. …

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Pitching to investors is a nerve-wracking experience, whether it’s your first angel round, or you are a seasoned pitcher. Your pitch is the single most important thing that can take your project to great heights or send it plunging into the ground, and with so much on the line, it is crucial to get this pitch right.

According to AlleyWatch, the odds of success are not great. For every 100 pitches, angel groups receive only three ends up getting funded, which means that only 3% of entrepreneurs succeed in convincing investors. …

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Cryptocurrency newsletters are a straightforward way to connect with people. Even with a simple and plain structure, a good newsletter can be a powerful way of drawing its readers in.

There are many potential mistakes that newsletters make, and we’ve laid some of them below. Here are four mistakes that a lot of writers make when putting together Cryptocurrency newsletters.

Lack of Interesting Stories

You aren’t telling great stories in your newsletters. Many newsletters focus too much on structure, and as a consequence, their stories are poor. Stories are the best way to write great newsletters.

boring stories, areas of the industry that quite frankly very few people are interested in… *cough* DLT supply-chain use cases, Bitcoin ATMs, merchant store adoption…

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The Virtual reality industry was valued at $6.2 billion in 2019 and is projected to grow to $16 billion by 2022. Combined with Blockchain technology, the possibilities are numerous. Virtual Reality holds the promise to be even more transformative than the flat Web was — reaching into every segment of every market and remaking it to be virtually accessible.

Completely Immersive Worlds

Immersive content combined with blockchain technology has already become a reality. Decentraland, a gaming platform, positions itself as an interactive and immersive world with various activities and sites. Its users can create, experience, and monetize content.

Users use Decentraland’s cryptocurrency dubbed ‘MANA’ to purchase plots of land and build on it. The land is purposely limited to ensure that it is not abandoned, and the value increases if the platform grows. Users can build houses and neighborhoods, listen to music, swim with dolphins, host social events, and monetize from their lands by starting a profitable business. Virtual landowners can sell advertising space and rent it out to other users for ‘MANA.’ Virtual property tycoons have taken notice by buying large swaths of real-estate in a bid to become blockchain billionaires. …

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Virtual reality has many uses beyond gaming. In the professional space, VR is proving to be a great solution to overcome some of our time’s toughest challenges. For businesses, the benefits are numerous, and we mention four of them.

Leisure Activity

Virtual reality can also be used as a leisure activity to help employees handle stress better at work. Employees can use VR to travel online and transport themselves to a different virtual world to take their minds off of work. They can utilize the technology to create personalized, immersive experiences that are in a risk-free and safe environment.

Do you want to spend time on a sunny beach, a mall, or a park? That’s all doable with virtual reality technology and only bound to get better! What is there not to love? …


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